The Perfect Photograph

How people react to a photograph is subjective, so it isn't possible to say a photograph is perfect. But I'm going to make my argument for why this photo of a man walking down the street in a Muhammad Ali robe is about as perfect as a photograph gets.

In terms of composition it checks all the boxes, especially the rule of thirds. The subject is the man in the robe, and he is perfectly aligned for the rule. Plus, the main lines hit the same rule, and they all focus your attention on the subject.

Then there is the subject itself. I mean, it's a man walking down the street with a staff and wearing a Muhammad Ali robe as though he is about to step into the ring. And he is walking through some kind of barrier. It makes me think of the story of Moses parting the Red Sea. I don't know this man's story, but I love thinking about the possibilities.

By the way, this photo was more accident and luck than talent or planning, so I am not saying I'm the perfect photographer. I just really like this photo.

Close your eyes for a moment, then open them and imagine this photo is a drawing or painting from years gone by. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how it strikes you.