About This Photo: Urban Marilyns

This is the first in a series of posts about the stories behind some of my photos.

 Urban Marilyns - 2016

Urban Marilyns - 2016

Let's start with the answer to the first question I usually get about my photos ("Where did you take that?"): New Orleans.

I wandered around the French Quarter a lot over the few days I was in town last July. I had time during the morning, then again in the evening, to get a feel for the place, plus I was staying right on the corner of Bourbon and Canal streets, so all I had to do was walk out of the hotel and stroll right into all of the activity on Bourbon.

One evening, after taking some photos of the street activities, and shooting a couple of portraits of people I stopped along the way, I decided to look around the surrounding areas. That brought me over to Royal Street, one block to the southeast of the more famous Bourbon Street. The feel of Royal isn't that much different from Bourbon, although there are certainly fewer people. And while Bourbon seemed to get closed to vehicle traffic every day by a certain time, Royal usually remained open to all kinds of traffic, at least on weekdays.

So I'm walking down Royal and I see that the sidewalk ahead is blocked off with this orange mesh, and I cross the street to avoid walking in the gutter. As I get closer to the area that was blocked off, I look and see the view above: These iconic, high-contrast images of the iconic Marilyn Monroe flanking a barred doorway and seeming to ignore the destruction/construction going on right in front of her. 

Glamour meets the streets and doesn't blink an eye.

Below are some of the other photos I took in NOLA on the same visit to the city.