My First Solo Show is Officially Open

 This is 'Poodle Truck,' which seemed to be the most popular print in the show.

This is 'Poodle Truck,' which seemed to be the most popular print in the show.

The opening reception for my show last night was an incredible experience.

People ebbed and flowed from the gallery throughout the evening. Some of the people obviously wandered in for the free wine and snacks, but there were a lot of people who came to see the photographs. Some people were drawn in by the signage, some others saw one of the photos through the door and decided to check it out. 

There were also quite a few people who have been supportive for years, many of whom I had only "met" on Facebook or Instagram. 

Ultimately the experience was a combination of things I have felt since I learned I was getting my first solo exhibition: excitement, pride, fear, and a strange back and forth between feeling overwhelmed and feeling perfectly comfortable. I met some great people and got into some really interesting conversations, plus I got to show some old friends a side of me they have glimpsed but not fully seen. In both instances it was a wonderful way to explore both the art and myself.

Thank you everybody at Evermore for this incredible opportunity, and for everybody who came out to the opening. 

Remember, this was just the opening reception. The show runs through April 28, so if anybody wants to check it out, get down to Evermore Gallery at 780 W. Main St. in Boise. They are open Monday-Friday, 10-6. I work in the area, so let me know if you are going to the gallery and I can try and meet you there if you would like.